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Originally Posted by Gravel Rat View Post
Yep thats right try be positive and hope I can get work on my own and get litterally kicked in the nuts and say you are useless.

I said to my parents that I was buying another truck something that will work better for my needs and then the chit hit the fan.

Way to be supportive of what I do nope just end up in a screaming match.

I try to explain the stress related problems I have with my gov't job and yes I do have stress problems. I try deal with it as best as I can it. Trying to get work part time doing what I want to do to keep my sanity.

Getting yelled at saying to have to work at a job you dislike it is a part of life. You have no life working for the gov't it is why I want to see if I can get some work going.

So ya I had a Bobcat Ron fight with the folks.

Isn't your familly supposed to be supportive of what you want to do not think your a failure.
Sounds like your parents are abusive,not physical just mental abuse which can hurt more. My father(may he rest in peace) never hit his wife or kids,but sometimes he had a bad temper and a sharp tongue that hurt more than a belt ever would.Now that I have kids of my own I try to be supportive of them but sometimes find myself saying things that I regret later,just like my dad.Last week I called one of my sons a ----ing idiot ,he looked at me and said "you made me what I am; it's your genes that created me."I apologized later and try to keep my emotions in check,I don't know why we sometimes hurt those we love the most.Maybe its the stress of too much time together stuck inside on these long winter days.I have to go to church today,sometimes that can help me get my priorities in order again.
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