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it is hard to feel sympathetic, many of us feed families, pay for our own houses, insurance, equipment, shops, whatever. you pay for a truck and rent at mom and dads. the other thing is on these forums there are many who were the first to try things. whether it be KSSS and his laser grader or ARP and mulching. maybe not the first in the country but in their area. on the other hand we can go to the history of your posts and read endlessly on how things won't work in your area instead of how it can be adapted to work in your area. another funny example is your posts relating to needing a 4wd truck now. i remember a couple years back when you very clearly said repeatedly how its up to a drivers skill and how 2wd is all thats needed. well, apparently now you have learned diffrent. wouldn't it have been nice to learn from others suggestions then and not be in the place you are now.
you need to take a very big humility pill. maybe realize there are things you don't know and that instead of condemming what others do as impossible to work where you live think how to make it work.
As far as working with your hands. it sounds nice. almost rustic in the old pioneer spirit. but realize that most of the equipment folks on this forum run is to make work more efficient and cost effective than doin it by hand. you bring a shovel and rake and i'll bring my dingo and a couple attachments. lets see who finishes first and brings home more money after expenses.
you do have kowledge, i listened to it when i purchaased my F-350 idi. good call it has been everything and better than you described. try not to reinvent the wheel just modify it for diffrent applications.
if this becomes impossible for you and you make no more changes than the last 2 years then it may be your parents know you best. take their advice if you won't take ours. or prove them right.
not meant to bash you and i wish you

good luck,
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