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Originally Posted by YellowDogSVC View Post
It just blows my mind to think that property values are that high in BC. What if you move further out of town? heck, I live in an area where EVERYBODY in the 3rd world is moving to and $300,000 will get you something very, very nice with some property to spread out on. What is the big draw to BC that raises the prices so high? It can't be the weather? Someone explain this to me.
Come to the West Coast and see for yourself, go to the Sunshine Coast, the Gulf Islands, Whistler, Sea to Sky Highway, Fraser Valley, Vancouver Island, I could go on and on, there is some extremely beautiful places here, we aren't called "Beautiful British Columbia" for nothing. My Mom and Dad had guests from Holland that own a private shipping and export company, he takes his wife with him on a huge barge/tug with a full apartment style living quarters on board, and he's been in every shipping lane there is in Europe. He's seen lots of country.
They spent 4 weeks here, and they were floored when they saw the West Coast. Everyone we have ever had the pleasure of putting up in our home for a few weeks is speechless when they see Hell's Gate or the Fraser Canyon in Fall. And that is the just beginning.
They are coming back with the entire family after the Olympics.

So basically, we have higher costs of living and property taxes because of our natural beauty here.
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