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Originally Posted by Gravel Rat View Post
I have to keep using the cheap rent for now untill I try get things going with what I want to revive.

If I have to pay the 1200 a month rent there will be no way I can even try what I'am doing now.
sure, makes no sense...spend what you dont have, and if you cant afford if you were out on your own, good shouldnt buy it...

now you just fall into the trappings of someone who just ducks the responsibility of growing up....creating an excuse of not being able to go out on your own because of your bills....that you alone created with some B.S reason....

Time to move out of your economically slumped area, and stop being a man/child who need their parents to put a roof over their head.....

Its simple, dont spend what you dont have...things that bad, you certainly cant afford to buy anything...period......your parents should ask you to leave
and have you figure things out for yourself....
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