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Originally Posted by bobcat_ron View Post
Only if you have 2 jobs, own a grow op, tied to gangs, or you have a spouse with the same income, it is tough to own a house here.
You can buy a $200,000, 1200 square foot house and still have to dump another $100,000 into reno's or buy a newer $300,000++ house and you have to look for one with a legal zoned lower/upper suite te rent out of you can't make the payments, despite what you think of GR's COL (cost of Living) moans and groans, it is tough here for a single person, I am in the same boat, but I don't complain.
Well someone has to own the houses up there?
A lot to build on in Atlanta was 500k.
Starter homes here where 200k+.
The Average home price in the early 2000 was at least 400k.
The desirable areas will take a Million to get into.

I do not live with my parents?
Heck I pay over a 1200.00 a month just for my Kids school.
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