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In defense of the members here from BC, it is a difficult place for a person of average income to survive, for several reasons.....
In a lot of ways it's similar to what you see in Hawaii, (without the beaches, babes, great weather etc). Because of the mountainous terrain, land is in short supply, and couple that to a gorgeous coastline on the pacific rim, it attracts the wealthy from china, japan, korea etc and those who do business with those countries. Absentee owners, rich immigrants etc (including many americans) drive the prices of everything upwards. The average schmuck often has a tough time.....
Having said that, the attitude of a lot of people in BC is that the government should take care of them. For many years BC has had very socialistic governments that mollycoddled the populace, and provided government supplied benefits, subsidies, and handouts that you americans would be in awe of. A residual effect of that is seen in guys like GR, that can't come to grips with the fact that life is what you make of it and that hard work and risk taking has its rewards.
For you guys in the states, the harder you work, the better your sucess and the more prosperous you become, and your government (although you might debate it) tends to encourage sucess and stands aside tax-wise in comparison to canada.
In canada, the more you make, the higher your taxes. The medical system that we enjoy comes at the price of increased taxes, user fees, surcharges, provicial taxes, local improvement fees etc etc. We cannot write off the interest on our mortages on our taxes. We have to re-negotiate our mortgage rates every 3-5 years on our property, we don't get the long term mortgages you guys get down south. The lending practices of our banks are much more restrictive for credit here. (Since the recession hit, there hasn't been one bank failure or bailout in canada). All these things makes it more difficult here to be successful. Not impossible, but harder to do. Equipment, parts, fuel are all way higher here.
Take all these factors into account and add to it a crybaby attitude and lack of ambition and no risk tolerance, you can see that some people would rather navel gaze and stagnate.
Others of us bite the bullet and go for it.....
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