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motor graders

So I'm thinking about purchasing a used grader sometime in 2010. Maximum I'd want to spend would be $50k, so it's obviously gonna have some hours on it. Seems around here 90% of the graders are Cat, a few Volvos and the smaller owner-operator type companies run Champion.

Are older 90's era Deere graders any good? I rarely see them around here, but have seen them go dirt cheap at auctions compared to Cat. Would a large Deere ag dealership work on a grader? I know there's a few Deere dealers close by, but all I ever see on there lots are ag equipment and skid-steers.

Right now I'm leaning towards Champion as they seem relatively affordable and I know there's several dealers near-by that will work on them.

Just looking for any thoughts/input from anyone with experience with graders. . .
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