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Thanks, I actually stumbled on them this weekend. Oddly enough, depending on which GrandStand icon you select determines whether you get the full offering (2010) and compact photo or the original four model offering (2009) and the older photo of the 2009 machine. Also, there are a few inconsistencies on the spec sheet. They are small but make me suspicious of the accuracy. One error is a 'foot' indicator rather than an 'inch' indicator for the tires (not major but affects the credibility of the entire spec sheet if it was not proof-read). Then there's the dimensions for the length of machines with platform up. One compact length is longer than the midrange and is I believe the same as the 60" unit (61?). This does not seem right (but could be, I suppose). Also, has the fuel capacity increased by one gallon? I was waiting to receive the actual printed material before questioning. Did you catch any of these? Thanks again for the update.
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