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I ran mulching equipment so I know you have to diversify. BUT if I had been more productive and had the equipment like I described I could have taken on much larger jobs and had a better result. It is completely up to you and your situation. BUT (yes another one) I know who is around you and what they are running and if they ever get the bosses to see what they can do you will be off the job. No disrespect but I have seen several kicked off jobs for low production and poor material size. Yes there is a chance they will not know what level of quality you are giving them compared to another machine/head but I'm sure a competitor will show them.
With so many skid steers already out there it would be worth the effort to look ahead and see where this might go. If they come up and say thin this 300 acre track you will kill a skid steer trying to get it done in a timely manner.
If true skid steer (dirt) work comes up then a smaller low flow machine would be much cheaper and readily available for short term rent.
When I was mulching I didn't know of these web sites and wasn't able to capitalize on the info here. So use what you want and keep us posted.
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