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Hey nokomower we aren't that far apart. In fact used to do alot of work in Venice area. Plantation, Jacarranda, Venice Island, etc. Here is the easiest way I found for a pick-up with out costing you much money.

1. Get a 10x12 tarp, put about 1/3 on the bed the rest on thop of cab for cover.

2. Get a 4 prong pitch fork heat each prong and then bend them over about 8 inches at a 90 degree angle.

When you get to dump you can pull a bunch out at a time. When you get to wear you see the bottom of the tarp on your bed then you should be able to pull the rest out. Takes me about five minutes or so, sometimes 10. But let me warn you coconuts are a *****! The pitchfork keeps getting stuck! So you have to watch them bad boys.
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