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Need a right hand man for Loganville, Ga.!!!!!!

I have had some dead beat workers and now I need a quality guy to be my right hand man. It's a great opportunity but a couple of guys have blown it. I do mostly large commercial/industrial maintenance so I'm parked on a job for up to 12 hrs. I need a man with a lot of experience who can run with the ball and supervise others when the time arises-needs to be proficient with a Large ZTR, trimmers, blowers, shrubbery trimming, etc. I"m looking for quality work and someone who will look at each job separately and decide what needs to be done, not just someone wanting to get in 8 hrs. I'm at the beginning stage from going solo to having a larger lawn service and I need someone looking for a career, eventually. The pay? The harder you work, the more you make!!!!!!!!! I strive to be the Boss I've never had and treat all of my workers to the best of my ability-extremely easy to get a long with. It's a great environment but, I will say this, it's going to be a lot of work. We will probably be working 12+ hrs. in the summer so if you're looking for an 8-5, this is not your job. Again, a GREAT OPPORTUNITY!!!!
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