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Mysterman -
We apologize for the spec error on our website. Unfortunately, the GrandStand information was mistakenly uploaded to the website while still in the draft / proof stage, which is also why the info was only accessible from one link.

The error you identified (' vs. ") had been caught for correction during the proofing stage, but again, the info went live prematurely. It has since been corrected and all info is accurate.

As for the question about the length of 36" and 40" being different when the platform in the stowed position, LC Pullman was exactly right. The difference is due to the 2-blade (36") vs. 3-blade (40") decks. The 2-blade design puts the castor forks further forward than the 3-blade, resulting in longer overall length. And yes, we have increased the fuel capacity by 1 gallon on ALL models for 2010, so 7.8 gallons is accurate.

Again, we apologize for the confusion. The new 2010 literature should be shipping any day.

-The Toro Company
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