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This is an old thread but I have a bit of pearl scale popping up myself so I have been doing some more research. I found out that ants might be a predator they think . I read that in an old research paper.

I also read you can outgrow them with a vigorous fertilizer program/ uber healthy lawn. I will call again and talk to the folks at Arbico to determine which neema to use. Cost is not really an issue so I might do both.

Pearl scale are not so bad on seeded Bermuda varieties as they are on hybridized sodded varieties. One page suggested over seeding bare spots with a seeded variety like Sahara.

I talked to Kai Umeda from U of A today. He did some research on pearlscale treatments for several years with merit, arena and several others and found them to have no effect on the pearls. He would not comment on my TSP idea and did confirm the best defense is a good offense. So he recommended a vigorous fertilizer program. Said he also heard about the sulfur from several sources but has had no first hand experience

I am going to try a multi front attack in several phases. I will let you know how it goes.

Last thing if your poking around in possibly affected soil be sure to sanitize your tools so you don't spread it. I would also think twice before renting a aerator or verticutter for a primo lawn.

You know this used to be so much simpler.

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