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Originally Posted by topsites View Post
Here is some quick math:
1 liter = ~60 cid.

So, you want to know how 'good' a 486 cid V-8 is on fuel?

Because I couldn't say for sure but I can tell you that when you step on the gas pedal of
something that has a 455 under the hood you can literally hear it sucking fuel.
No I'm not kidding.

Most folks who buy vehicles with them size engines are not concerned about fuel economy.

You want economy then stick to 5.0's (~300 cid's), once you get up to a 350 (6L) you're hurting,
my 30 gallon gas tank on my 5.9L doesn't last me a week, I'm lucky if I get 300 miles out of it.

A 5.0?
I used to get 14-15mpg trailered and 12-14 loaded, the 5.0 pulls just fine but everyone keeps wanting more power...
Frustrates me to tears but then I guess other people's sons and daughters keep the oil flowing with their blood.
You seem to really like 5l engines. Perhaps you will be happy to hear that ford is going to put a 5l on the next f150 (and mustang). It is called the coyote 5l, and it makes ~400 hp and ~400 ft lbs torque on the mustang (will probably be tuned down for the f150).

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