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Well, Hoping to find a 3/4 ton. I prefer Dodge or Ford, but open to others.
Gas or diesel doesn't matter.
Strongly prefer regular cab (may consider extended cab).
8' bed a must.
Auto or stick doesn't matter.
Tow package.
Prefer '95 or newer.
Prefer under 100K miles.
$10-12,000 range.

And hey if it already happens to have a plow and EZ Dump insert, all the better! (and then I'll go as high as $14,000).

But if it's out of state, I'd need to see alot of photos first (like in that ebay ad). Apprehensive about buying without seeing first.

I need to sell my truck first. Don't think my ebay ad is even going to hit my reserve. May have to put it in Truck Trader too.
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