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Should be able to find something in those qualifications. I know of a 1 ton, single rear wheel, regular cab '92 Dodge in Michigan that has a snow plow with it already. It's a 5 speed, one owner and sounds real clean. Just over 100,000 miles I think, but it's a Cummins. I know that's a little older than you were looking for, but he was asking $7800, OBO if I remember correctly. Had a little rust over the rear wheels, but that's the only place it had any defects. I was considering it, but wanted a dually. I really like those one owners, and the '92/'93 Cummins is one of the best in my opinion. They don't have as much horsepower, but they can be turned up some, and are very durable. For the price difference, you could fix the bed, or put a new one on, and still come out money ahead.

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