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First off Randy I am glad to see that you are beginning to see the light where Ford is concerned.

Gravel the biggest reason I want a Cummins is for fuel economy. My PSD is as strong as an ox. But the miles per gallon leave the pocket empty at times.

As for DOT and CDL "south of the border" the US laws read the same as yours, any person opperating a vehicle grossing over 26K or any trailer RATED for over 10K or any vehicle rated for over 10K and crossing a state line must have a CDL. How ever there is so much traffic on the roads and so many people that have a tandem dually trailer or a tri axle trailer they use on the ranch that the DOT officers don't give them too much hassle unless it looks like they are running commercially then they will get stopped. To say that the DOT laws in general are very would be a gross understatement.

I am grossing over 24K many times hauling cars with my P/U and 4 car trailer. And I keep the brakes up very well on the trailer, all three axles because the truck brakes alone will not stop the rig. Now if you were to carry your same reasoning over to semis and trailers weighing 80K and you suddenly lost the trailer brakes, the tractor brakes WILL NOT stop the trailer either by them selves. So in either case, with a P/U and trailer, or semi and trailer you will be very screwed if you suddenly lost the trailer brakes.

And Gravel Rat have you ever heard of the million mile club for the "light duty" Cummins??? I know the PSD got some that are way up there, but possibly not as many. Think on that before you bash the Cummins into the ground.
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