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Originally Posted by capekev View Post
Thanks for the input guys, this site has been and continues to be a big help for me. The area that I'm targeting is Milton/Quincy/Boston MA, I was thinking of having the add say something like, "First 25 spring contracts get lawn cut for $35 a week guaranteed" The lawns in this area go any were from $35-$75 a week, but most are right around $45-
I definitely agree that I shouldn't mention prices, but I am in a tough spot right now with this economy, I'm a local 4 heavy equipment operator and I've been ridding the pine (laid-off) for a year and a half my unemployment is gonzo. I need to make something happen! I'm sick of relying on other people for work! Some times it takes something like this to happen to give you the motivation you need to go out on your own. I should have done this 3 years ago.
Thanks again guys, and sorry for rambling on...hahaha
On my postcards that I am passing out I put "weekly lawn maintenance starting at $27" cause some lawns are bigger and cost more but yet that line usually will peek most people's interested cause the average lawn by goes for $30-$40 a week.
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