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Here if the trucks gvw is over 12,125lbs (5500kgs) you have to stop at the scales like my F-Superduty truck is so I have to stop at the brake checks and scales. Its a dollar a kilogram is what the fine is so if your overweight by 1000 kgs (2200lbs) your looking at a 1000 dollar fine

The worst thing is if the cop serves you a notice of inspection where you have to take your truck and trailer to a designated inspection facility and have the vehical safety inspected. If it doesn't pass you have to get the truck fixed if not it gets a big orange sticker which means condemned. Ohya if you own a brandnew truck your not exempt they will serve you a notice you can't fight it a inspection costs 100 bucks. The insurance company won't give you insurance for the vehical if its got a outstanding inspection order.

Don't you just love all the crap us commercial drivers have to go through they are finally starting to look at non commercial people now which is good they get away with murder.
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