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Originally Posted by Wallace Tractor View Post
It all depends on how much you want done....
The machines we did had 1/4 belly pans on them also all the pans were able to be removed by one person and the only tool you need was a 3/4" socket or impact gun...all the nuts were welded on the plating.
The limb riser were all powder coated, we also mounted a remote winch that you were able to use either on the front or the rear of the tractor.
Like I said it all depends on what your likes are.
If you want everything germinate or do you want it folding.
I would say just for the operator protector with limb riser your going to drop $2,500 easily.
Just the operator protector and the limb risers is what I want to do for now, I would like to have a roof on it too. I have a bunch of odd steel that I was going to use, but I dont want it to look stupid. I though about figuring the bends and what type steel I wanted and have it made at the steel shop, then just put it together. I have thought about it so much I have kinda overwhelmed myself into not starting it. $2500 is a good price, but I cant justify spending that much when I can do it myself ( if I werent such an indecisive wuss!)
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