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Originally Posted by johnnybravo8802 View Post
I think it's time to thank Sean Adams, the moderator's, and all the sponsor's for making this a great site!!!I especially appreciate the effort to find a more affordable healthcare plan and the Rx cards-They didn't have to do that. I've been in the Green Industry all of my life and I love it but I never had another person to talk to about it. I've been riding my mower alone for a lot of years. It was really nice when I found this site and found others with the same interests that I have. It's tough to talk to your wife about why you keep going to the garage to stare at your new mower, for the 1000th time!!!Women just don't understand!!!Anyway, I appreciate all of you guys putting up with all of my BS(I have a lot!) and making this a great site. Look forward to more great years to come.!!
Thank you Sean, Mike, Jodi, and Charles
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