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RLS Pictures

Well just to re-cap where I'm at for the new year:

-Changed from a DBA over to an LLC, and with that came a name change. My business, formally known as "Landcrafters" is now Richardson's Landscaping Services. Have a few loose ends to tie up with getting bank accounts switched over and some nursery accounts changed over, but for the most part the changeover is complete!

-Hate to say anything, because the deal is not 100% complete yet, but I should be getting a new truck within a few days to replace my Ford that I sold at the end of the season due to tranny problems.

-Just ordered 2,000 door hangers that myself and my fellow beer-thirsty friends will hit the streets passing out here in a couple months, may order another 2,000

-Have an add designed for the local newspaper, thats also set to start running here in the next couple months.

So, heres to a good year for everyone, and I look forward to being able to share some pictures of my work with all of you this year!

....annnnnnd we'll start off with a few from last year just to "re-cap" and the new logo I designed myself at the bottom

^^RIP old blue!!

Have a good year everyone!
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My Pictures:
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