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Well I'am a owner of

I'am a owner of a 2006 F-450 2wd 6.0 automatic with 43,000 miles (68,000kms). The truck is a repo from California not a spec of rust on the frame and clean the truck does have some cosmetic stuff but its a work truck. I bought a truck that has a market value of 29,000 for 23,000 the dealer wanted to sell needed the cash. The truck passed the inspection and has gone through by Ford and passed every check.

The 03 F-550 4x4 was a POS good thing I got the info on Alberta oil patch trucks and guess what was installed. A hour meter the engine had close to 5000 hours on the hour meter. The rear suspension was increased it had a spring packs you would see in a 5 ton truck. The truck was a well worn truck it would have needed a transmission and who knows about the engine.

The torqshift auto makes a HUGE difference with the 6.0 holy crap it feels like a completely different engine. I should beable to tow a trailer now with a skid steer or mini excavator. Have to get used to the increased turning radius. You can tell the suspension in the rear is a little stiffer than my 03 F-450.

Get my dump deck on the truck and start getting some general contracting work.

I should have bought a automatic truck from the start. A California truck is nice no rust the spring hangers and frame etc looks like it did from the factory.
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