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Well, first thing. Stihl and Hustler logos for advertising. That's a touchy one, let's say we are being treated very well. I should probably leave it at that without opening a can of worms on a site like this. Stihl and Hustler are two very good companies to work with and build very good equipment that we run everyday.

What works and doesn't work. Where to's a couple

What doesn't........

1. More guys than you need on a site. Everytime I pass a company with two mowers on a trailer and four guys in a truck it just means they are losing money.

2. More equipment than needed. Same thing but opposite. One guy... four mowers. Doesn't add up. Too much overhead. Lots of guys entering into this business love equipment. The more equipment we have the bigger we look. Not a good idea.

3. Charging too little to penetrate the market, then trying to raise your rates with your current customers once you realize your not making money. Customer won't understand and you'll be sitting there with a huge dilemna.

Things to try and do:

1. Be honest with your customers. Exceed their expectations. Charge what you need to. Remeber this quote that I have on my desk "The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of cheap price is forgotten"

2. Pay all your bills! We pay everything within 5 days of receiving an invoice. Trust me people will know and respect this. When you need something locally your credit will be gold.

3. Image is alot. In order to be professional you have to look professional. This doesn't necessarily mean spend $100,000 on equipment it could mean a can of wax for the truck and a pair of Dockers at Sears.

Hope some of this helps.

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