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When to Hire a third Employee

I've been debating whether to hire a third employee, but dont know if its the right time to do so. I can use a driver but that means more money in overhead. I have about 45 lawn mowing accounts plus get a lot of extra work on the side besides mowing. I do have one problem I need to fix first, and that is to narrow my cutting route. I made the mistake of spreading my self to thin since I started my business two years ago. That, I know will have an impact on my profits once I hire a new employee. I need to figure something out cause last year I didnt even had the time I needed to do other important things, like ADVERTISING ETC...I want to be able to send a couple of guys to work while I do my stuff.

My question is, is there like a rule of thumb to go by when making desicions like these?
How tight should I keep my cutting route? In terms of miles.

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