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Just keep in mind that your profit margine on mowing is very low. Where you make your money is on the added services. Last year I made it a point to not be out mowing personally. I had 1 crew do that while myself and another part time helper went and did the oter jobs, which i did 21/2 days a week. The rest of the time I worked on the business.
As far as tightening up your route, it all depends on what kind of money your making on the job. For instance, I had a customer 20 miles out that just wanted us to come in and do all the string trimming on their 7 I would send 3 guys with trimmers for 1 hour and billed $275.00. Was good money, but dropped her in 09 because I picked up a larger, more profitable job in town. The tighter the route, the more profitable.

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