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Originally Posted by Greendog View Post
How many days does it take you to cut all your accounts? You must have a tight route and big cutting decks.
We arent at exactly 90, actually in the high 70's plus a few EOW's and some once in a whiles thrown in. We mow commercials on Monday, do other jobs on Tuesdays, then mow all residentials on Wed, Thurs and Friday. Use Tuesdays and Saturdays for make-up days if foul weather or sick. Most weeks we will get all lawns done during the week and work 1/2 day on Saturday doing other jobs. Monday is a mix of small and a few large commercial accts, we mow 9 total. The rest of the week we mow at least 20 per day. (To date, our best day is 31)- And yes, our route is pretty tight, we run a 61" ZTR, 52" walk behind w/ proslide and a 36" walk behind on a few smaller lawns, but most of our lawns are 1/2 acre plus. We have several stops of 5 or more lawns side by side.
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