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Originally Posted by curtisfarmer View Post
when warm yes....but when cold and idling at 12-1400rpms with fan has a howl to it. The 6.4 is strange with fan coming on ALL the time, obviosly something to do with emissions and keeping the motor cool. And yes, the diesel STINKS coming out the other end. We have old house so the smell creeps in when I park close to the house and drives my wife CRAZY.
haha its not the fan it goes into regeneration that is the exhaust it is wide open cleaning the exhaust filter that is why it is so loud, that is not the clutch fan.

Next time it does it look at the information bar it will say cleaning exhaust filter. I just bought another 6.4 . I have my 2008 F-550 and now I have a 2010 F-350. Needed a new truck and didn't want to be the test dummy for the 2011.
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