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Originally Posted by supercuts View Post
was this in response to me?? what i was trying to say is the 20's hp range a different beast. kawi has had huge problems with their big blocks and great luck with their 20's hp series engines. so my comment about everyone chiming in about their 25hp is because they are not comparing apples to apples and had nothing to do with age. some manufacturers have a line of great engines and a line of failures. its like comparing an F350 gas engine to an F350 diesel or a honda mower engine to a honda accord engine.
hahaha sorry long day I went back and read it now and understand. I know what you mean all my ferris walkbehinds have the 23hp kawi on it but never had anything bigger. I have decided to go with the Kawi will probaly pick it up around the first of april. I will be sure to post some pics! Thanks for all the input!
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