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Originally Posted by AllHardscaping View Post
Paying them $10 an hour and then $3 per lawn is not performance or incentive based. I'd give them x amount when they complete a given daily goal whethre it be based on # of lawns or $ sales for the day.

Like someone else said you have to keep an eye on qulaity because they'll plow through them as quick as possible.
their are so many difficulties with these systems, not to say they cant work. but basing it on # of lawns or $ sales there are many flaws. think of it from the employee point of view. if he works just as hard each day and only makes the goal 2 or 3 times a week he might start to think, hey, im doing bigger lawns mon/wen, why am i being penalized? or im working harder on thursday but we're not grossing as much, maybe my boss didnt price these lawns right and i shouldnt have to suffer for that.

mix that negative thought with rushing sloppy work. then you get upset and tell them to do a better job if they want to make more. they get even more mad your taking it out on them and before you know it, you've fired all your guys or they have quit. and whose dime is it on when a machine goes down. if im the employee, im on the job, not my problem your machiens fail.

it would be great if you had an excact time it takes you to complete your work and try to have one guy repeat it. when you have a crew out, it only takes one guy dragging his feet to ruin it for all of them and that isnt fair.
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