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Originally Posted by GrassNat View Post
For instance: if they use my equipment, I would pay $10 per hour plus $3 per property. If they use their own equipment, I would pay $12 per hour plus $5 per property.
sound like a liability nightmare. oh, and good luck finding a sub contractor to work for you for 12-15 bucks per hour...

first. multiple equipment break downs warrant an investigation. is it as a result of poor PM's, old worn out equipment or operator error. If its poor PM then they service guy needs to disciplined for missing things on the PM service. PMis not juts changing oil and sharping blades. its looking over teh machine for cracked belts, loose nuts/bolts, ect... If its old worn out equipment replace it. if it operator error..discipline.

if guys are working slow. then hold the crew leader responsible. discipline accordingly. once he realize that annual raises and bonus' are being based on his performance and annual reviews he will either get the crew in gear or let you know who is not performing and ask for new crew members.

there is also the fluctuating work week based pay. it kills overtime. it actually starts dropping the hourly wage for hours worked past 40... is a salary base though...
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