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Nice truck I wouldn't mind having it if it was a F-Superduty (1.5 ton) I would want it even more because they are a tougher truck.

The problem with 350s is they can only pack 3 ton which is pretty heavy with a F-Superduty I have carried 4.5 ton and they handle 3 ton like nothing. The other problem is the 2wds have coil springs which I really detest for heavy hauling you put any weight forward of the rear axle the front wheels disapear in the wheel wells. If I was gonna buy another 350 it would be 4x4 the solid front axle and leaf springs handle loads alot better plus the extra traction of 4x4 is nice.

Good luck with the truck what are you gonna use it for you probably wouldn't be hauling heavy loads of gravel with it like I do with my trucks. That truck would be good for carting around tools and hauling supplies etc if you keep the loads under 5000lbs you should be fine.
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