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One thing I forgot to tell you is take a look at the features that Mitsubishi has that isuzu dosent....Mitsu has a button on the press it and it will tell you if your oil is clean and if it needs to be changed no more pulling out dipsticks and changing oil to early or late. Just simply push the button and it lights up good or bad yay or nay. The Mitsubishi has more of an ease to tilt the cab for oil changes and checking the filters and what not. The interior is a darker color which hides the stains better than isuzu. Down side to mitsu is that it is only available with Diesel engine but that is because when you have a work vehicle you need a work engine. You want a work vehicle with a commuter engine get a isuzu with the Chevy vortec engine in it. On Monday take them both for a test drive. If you cant wait till then go over to dare I say go to their message board and do a search on will get list after list of arguments about Mitsu VS Isuzu. You will find endless reading material GOOD LUCK! and let us know how it goes.
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