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What's the single best thing that has built the business? That's tough. I would have to say there are three that are dead equal.

1. Our Image or reputation (the fact that we are meticulous with equipment presents an image that we are the same way with our work. We are not cheap by anymeans but our image speaks for itself.)

2. Honesty (we don't oversell ourselves with our clients. No matter how big the project I'll always try and save them some money by doing something different in the long run. They'll end up spending the difference with us in the long run anyway once the trust factor is established.) Ironic as it may seem the picture above on the mug is a very extensive property that we have been maintaining for some time. I have never met the property owner face to face. He heard of us, we know what he expects, and trusts us to do it right.

3. Reliability (I say we are going to do something and it get done. No iffs, ands, or buts. I say we are going to be at your site Monday at 7. We are there at 6:45. I only schedule 4 days of work a week. That leaves us a grace period for weather. If we have a sunny Friday, then we'll plug into next weeks work. Customers don't like delays, they love that phone call that says, "We are ahead of schedule, can we get in there earlier?"

Were the mugs directly related to more work. Yes. We found that they are classy enough to bring out over dessert at a customers house after dinner with friends or sit on an office desk. The first question I ask new customers that call our office is How did you hear about us? When they respond that I was at Dr. Smith's office last week and noticed a neat mug on his office desk....... It's a great starter piece on a conversation that always leads back to us somehow. Anyway we have gotten several good perks from that mug, enough to constitute buying more.

Hope this helps,
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