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Originally Posted by Bob_n_weave View Post
Don't hold your breath on that.

One thing I have learned with Toro is things are never ready when they say they will be.

Im still waiting on 2010 specifications. Toro rep are they STILL being printed ?
Why has Web page not been updated ?
Bob_n_Weave -

Yes, the new 2010 GrandStand literature is available and shipping to dealers that have placed literature orders and to end-users that have emailed us requesting the info be sent directly to them. Did you email Toro requesting the new literature? I checked with our communications department and did not find any literature request from Bob n Weave - would it be under another name? Either way, if you will provide us with your shipping address we will drop you a copy in the mail.

This 2010 GrandStand specs can also be found on our website by clicking on the link "NEW TORO STAND ON MOWER". March availability is still on target.
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