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Originally Posted by The Toro Company View Post
Bruce 32 -

Your frustration is understandable and we apologize for the delay. Our intent was to have the new models available earlier than March, but final design and qualification required that production dates be moved out. Like you, we need time to test and access the quality and performance of mowers before finalizing parts, tooling and fixtures for production. While there are many similarities to our 48"/52" GrandStand, there are also a number of structural/weight/space differences that require thorough testing to ensure desired performance, handling and durability objectives are achieved. We never like to lose a sale or worse a customer because of a late product introduction, but we cannot knowingly cut corners related to quality in order to move-up the schedule. In the end our customers are better served if we miss some sales by holding off shipment of products until they're ready to be built and sold. Product demos will be available at Toro Commercial Dealers (CD designation on our dealer locator)as soon as we begin shipping product. If you can wait that long I suggest contacting your local Toro Commercial Dealer to verify which models he/she has on order and to line-up a demo of the exceptional product as soon as it arrives.

-The Toro Company
I agree, better for them to arrive late than to arrive flawed. But still, getting things done right before the season starts is Toro's responsibility.

In our business a big part of our job is to make proper allowances for delays and such so that the job gets done on time, with no excuses. Sometimes in large corporations that fact gets lost. Budgets, approvals, etc all get in the way. But ultimately we don't care why, we just need what we need.

I've been waiting since late '08 for a Grandstand that does what I need it to do. This is simply feedback, as I feel that we cannot complain if we do not provide Toro with the information needed to fix what is wrong.

Many Bermuda lawns are cut with 21" mowers because of the inability of most midsize decks to handle it. This is a HUGE productivity failure in the industry, as these mowers are fatiguing and about 25% as productive as a midsize machine. Any company offering a solution and properly marketing that solution to we Bermuda mowers would profit.
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