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Originally Posted by John Zaprala View Post
Couple quick things here. We keep our trucks for 10 years, they are rotated a couple trucks at a time each year as they approach 10 years. So, there will be some hurt looking cabs, etc., but we do abuse it everyday with a 24' trailer fully loaded and then all winter to plow.

Absolutely, views and experiences of any big company employee will vary from branch to branch. But I see my branch manager everyday of course, my regional manager at least twice a week and he greets me with a big smile "Great to see you John!" I see the Division manager (tri-state area boss) usually once a month and he knows me by name and I started in Sept! So, not to drag this out any further, but you can see that you can have a situation where you definately don't feel like a number. Not in my branch anyhow.
Thats good to hear! Im just saying that in a big buisness nobody should expect to be more then just a number...... do you get lucky from time to time? Sure.

Around here your truck's allway's look to be in pretty good shape. They don't look like someone took a golf club to them.
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