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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
The actual grass, you do have, in those photos, are much too good to be Bermuda. or , any other Southern grass I've seen.

Whatever you have, that, what, is still alive, in the photos,, needs to be alive , and, in the bare spots, as well...

If it's ,Fescue, I would not be looking for what makes it go... so much as... What made it stop.
Find out what happened in the "Kill Zones", and go from there...
The dark green grass I think is tall fescue....seems to grow in clumps. The bare ground you see in the 3rd pic was taken at the back of the property. That area is under a cedar tree that was completely grown over with briars/thickets/vines etc. that I cleared when I moved in. I also found cinder block, pea gravel, lanscape timbers & a couple of old christmas trees back there.

Bigslick....I think the reason the bermuda never overtook the other grasses is because of the poor condition of the soil. I was told by the extension office that did the soil sample that the soil was so acidic back there that just about all that would grow would be weeds until I got the soil amended.

This will be my 3rd year of adding fertilizer & lime to that area. Scott
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