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Take another job or not?

Third or so year in my property maintenance/home improvement business...Doing okay, but nothing fantastic...

I have a chance of getting another job for 3 days a week...12 hrs a would add another 15-20,000 a yr. Should I take this? I enjoy working, and my mom is saying she would help me out while my business is growing...but i enjoy working and dont feel like a man when im sitting home not working because of lack of work...What would you do in this situation? Would you keep trying to build the business 6-7 months and being secure with money from moms/pops(getting married in that time, even though she still wants to help me out while im married) or should I take another job to help out? I know most will say if mom wants to help you out...let her! but I dont feel like a man, because i feel i should work out, plus the extra income would help.

I appreciate any input.
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