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I know about the parents helping out, it's more of a double-edged sword than anything else,
mine do it too and while it's appreciated on the one hand, on the other I feel it ruins me in ways, too...
To me it's not so much about feeling worthless thou that's probably got something
to do with it, but more than anything I feel it makes me lazy, and dependent.

And like yourself, to all the folks who think that it would be great if parents just threw money your way, take it
from some folks who have been there, it ain't all that, karma's got a way of making even good things suck.

You have to make the choice, only you know what it is you want, take the job and risk not
ever being able to get your business going but have a steady, secure source of income...
Or tell your soon-to-be-wife to start tightening up her belt, not so much
to be mean but she needs to be ready and with you on it, too.

I ain't kidding, it's not all a bed of roses, try as you might but this lawn stuff really is a bit on the limited income
side of things, no matter how I look at it... I can work longer hours and get more work done BUT I have to give
discounts or... I can get the money I need for the work I'm doing and then I'm stuck at home a fair part of the time.
And sure if I balance it out real careful like I can strike a happy middle note but it's still
not the amount I'd like to get for the hours worth of work, so to speak.

I guess it boils down to finding side incomes but more than anything what it really boils down to is making ends
meet with what you got, and in the lawn business at least speaking for myself that ain't never a whole lot of money.

Hope it works out for you, however you decide.

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