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Value is based on many variables. Some lawn accounts are only worth 1 cut. Some accounts can be worth $$$ millions. Your accounts value will be somewhere between the two.
If someone is selling you a business grossing 2 million and netting the owner $500,000, do you think that it is worth only 1 cut ?
Lots of things determine the actual value. It is simple to transfer accounts with 100% retention. If you are a good lawn man, charging a fair price, and provide pro service just like you are supposed to, why wouldn't the customers use you ? What do they have to gain by firing you ?
If you are a bad lawn man, you are going to lose accounts no matter what, and you should.
Without knowing the specifics of your deal, we can't offer good advice. You can PM me for specific advice, I always got an is one of my problems. I also have lots of experience buying and selling accounts. I do it all day long, everyday.
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