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Originally Posted by DCsouth View Post
Picasso. I few quick facts of 289 verses 272c. The ctl requires alot more hyd power to move itself compared to the VTS. Most wheeled machine's are geared lower than a CTL stock. The VTS system lowers this ratio more and if the machine has XPS it is even lower. This really shows when working, if running a mulcher you can mulch on incline's without bleeding power from the head. You can boom, mulch and turn all without stalling or having to back off. And as you see the price is much better. Some regoins have better luck with VTS than others. I have both in the territory I cover. The VTS does have suspension in the front and from when I ran one I didn't remember it riding rough. Also the VTS extends out farther in front of the machinegiving it more stability.
Ideal mulcher from Cat. 272C with XPS and of course high flow. VTS system. Also if it can be ordered this way radial lift, no vertical crap. You get better visibility and single lift point. Louvered back door. Maybe a true forestry door like one Supertrak uses. And lastly a Denis Cimaf head!!

Picasso, there is a set of near new looking VTS on IP in the daily auctions portion. don't know what they fit but the are long something like a 64 link set up which might fit a 272C. The VTS does not riide ruff. I get some vibration from the track design but they are not ruff riding I don't think. No one had bid on the VTS as of yesterday.
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