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He should have done better. While we don't have all of the facts, the result is clear: somebody was offended by his action, and while it may not seem like a big deal, it is not unreasonable for a homeowner to expect that the local lawn care professional will not be urinating in the street (albeit from the trailer). Regardless of how bad nature was calling, the employee exercised poor judgment by urinating where someone could see him. We have all been in near panic bladder emergencies before, yet had enough sense to be discreet, and to make sure nobody could potentially see. He was fired for poor judgement. If I pick up the Big Gulp between jobs I have to plan on purging some of that liquid; I plan on stopping somewhere and at least keep a cup or bottle in case of emergency. I have had to go in the back of the trailer, but I closed the door to ensure I didn't offend anyone (this was at a jobsite for a full-day installation. I had a cooler with drinks, and didn't break for lunch).

Image (and performance) is important for retaining business, as well as growing, and one "aw shi*" wipes out 100 "attaboys" in the minds of most people. I don't think most people are sympathetic to a contractor peeing in the street.
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