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Originally Posted by MarcSmith View Post
I guess my enclosed trailer was bigger.

two ztrs, one 36, 2 edgers, 2 trimmers, shears, gas cans... strap and unstrap, ect.

The only time I got stuff stolen was on a job site. go figure... it was crime of opportunity the crews were on the opposite of the building of the trailer...Bye bye blower... for my side door on my trailers I had the top and bottom corners bolted from the inside. so if they were going to break in they had to do some work. and i was able to back the back of the trailers up to one another so they could not lower the tailgates....with out moving the trucks first.

Keep in mind that "idle" time kills productivity
10 minutes a day adds up to 40 hours a year... and if you have multiple crews/employees it multiplies quick...

non productive times kills me right now, its tough to get 20 guys out of the "union" mentality...
So i will assume you dont sharpen blades? I have also had a box trailer stolen, good thing it was empty! And Ive had four of my friends get thousands of dollars in damages from thiefs prying open locked doors, and the thiefs got what they wanted plus damaged the trailer. You may have been lucky so far but you will be sorry when they get you.
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