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Originally Posted by mysteryman View Post

A clarification request regarding the posted (Toro site) specifications for the GrandStand mowers. Under 'Adjustable Discharge Baffle' is it true that the compact models require tools? ...and under the 'Spindle Bearings' is it true that the compact models do not have greasable ball bearings? ... or are these typos?? Thank you.
mysteryman -

The specs are correct. Due to the very compact nature of the 36" and 40" decks and how the decks mount to the GrandStand carrier frame, there isn't adequate room / space to use the cam lever adjustment featured on the larger decks. The baffle is still adjustable, but it is secured using hardware so a couple turns of a socket wrench is required.

Yes, we use sealed spindles on the smaller decks. The 36" and 40" TURBO FORCE decks are the same decks used on our mid-size walk-behinds. Those machines have featured sealed spindles for the past four years, and they have performed very well.

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