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I can top the peeing in the street story, as the local town mayor I had to call the Dept of public works to have my water meter replaced. of course about 1 hour later 2 guys show up in the citys water truck and hop out. The foreman looks at the meter and either determines he needs another part or whatever but leaves the other guy standing there waiting, Well after 10 minutes and one trip to the bushes to pee The kid lays down on the ground and falls asleep, No sh*t , Mind you that the mayors house is pretty much a modest 3 bdrm Ranch but this was all it took, I grabbed the phone and called the Director of the DPW and asked him to bring a blanket up to 637 n. oak st when he asked why I told him that one of his employees was here and I was fairly concerned that his nap would be more enjoyable if he had a blankie to cover up with.. believe it not the guy still has the job.
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