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I couldn't agree more Marc! Especially with the mower upgrading! I never used temp agancies, nor thought about that, but it is a great idea as you aren't bogged down with figuring out all the tax/insurance $$ or paying someone else to do that for you.
Lots of good stuff here. I am glad to be involved with this site.

Originally Posted by MarcSmith View Post
North tex-

I did have good luck with day labor from temp agencies (labor ready) ect). you pay a higher wage, but they cover the other costs (wc, taxes, ect) Its a good place to start for someone who wants to "try out" an extra person. The growth from solo to crew is a huge step and its a hard one to make. What worked for me was kinda like the way I worked it for mowers. IE do all you can with your current model. IE fill up schedule the whole nine then buy a bigger mower and so on. well its the same with people. do all you can by yourself then add a person once you are filled up up again, then you need to add another person. then fill up again, and then add a new crew and split the labor and work and then continue to grow ( if thats you plan)
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