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Originally Posted by The Toro Company View Post

You indicated anything with more than a couple of inches of overhang creates issues. I think it might be worth at least seeing and perhaps demoing the 40" and 36" GrandStand before eliminating them from consideration. We won't debate with you the difficulties of mowing at 1.0" - 1.5" HOC, it's a challenge.

-The Toro Company
Hehe, I guess not having any 40" GS's available to demo kind of makes that a moot point right now.

But I'm sure I don't have to remind Toro of the basic physics of how movement from a fulcrum is magnified the further away you get from that fulcrum. So a wheel dropping into a 1" hole or low spot becomes a bigger deck movement 6" over to the side where the blade edge is. And when mowing a grass type that is essentially twigs up to about 1" at low heights, you simply don't have that much to play with.

I'm hopeful that they do cut well. But with approximately ZERO reports from my area here on lawnsite from the 48/52", showing them cutting nice Bermuda lots, I'm not holding my breath.
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