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Originally Posted by Gravel Rat View Post
I seen a little bit on the news but I didn't see who's hauling the snow. I don't know what snow weighs per ton I would think rolloff trucks with 40 yard bins would be more efficient.

Just think of it this way there is your tax money fleeing your bank account.
It will be the first and the last time you would ever see a dump truck production hauling snow

FYI: A ton of snows weighs about the same as a ton of feathers, or a ton of concrete

The weight of the snow is relative to weather the sun is out, the ambient air temperature, the core temperature of the snow, What kind of snow it was originally.

The average snow may weigh 15 pounds per cubic foot and drifted compacted snow may weigh 20 pounds or more.

I think that's what you were looking for.

As for roll off bins, those guys are employed right now. I think they should of hired some 80 yard demo bin trucks. And overload them, seeing as word on the street is they're losing 10-15% of the load during transit.
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