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Hey Tim, It wouldnt surprise me one bit if HD does a deal with a manu like FX. HD has long been after "mid line" of LV lighting fixtures. They just recently dropped malibu (more like Intermatic dropped the line) and intermatic and the Snoc line does not sell very well.

Bill Locklin (Bless his soul) used to tell a wonderful story about the time when a big box chain (not sure if it was HD or not) was after him to sell Nightscaping on a retail basis.

Given the market conditions in your Country, I can see how Hunter might be tempted to do a volume deal with a big box. They just took on a chunk of new meat to chew when they acquired FX and probably need the sales no matter what.

One good thing that might come of it, if it is true, is that FX would finally have to list their products for use here in Canada I cannot see HD taking on a line that could not be sold North American wide.


P.S. Brings up another relationship; Unique and Seagull. How is unique managing that relationship now that Seagull has filed for Chapter 11 Protection?
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